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Terry James Gingras, Ph.D. is an expert in ADHD, Learning Disabilities and parenting. He has 30 years of experience in evaluating and, treating ADHD as well as training the parents of ADHD children. He maintains a busy private practice in neuropsychology, providing evaluations and treatment of various neurological conditions, including ADHD. He is the author of ADHD: Strategic Parenting, From Practical to Tactical, a number one best seller, based on his experiences parenting his own ADHD child and treating his numerous patients in his clinical practice. His emphasis on long-term goals and a balance between reinforcement and punishment is a departure from most ADHD parenting books, which focus on discipline, or basically better ways to punish. The approach in this book is effective for all types of ADHD from Inattentive type to Hyperactive type. Dr. Gingras is married to Sharon W. Gingras, a best selling author in the field of coping with Breast Cancer. They reside in Yorktown, Virginia and have three grown children.


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