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High Performance Coaching

Coaching is designed to help you get to your dreams. It’s designed to help individuals get more out of life by taking progressive steps toward their goals. Coaching is frequently used by executives trying to get to that next level, start that new business or to gain more satisfaction out of life.

As a Certified High Performance Coach,  I can give you the exact strategies the world’s most accomplished and influential people use to manage their emotions, schedule their days, persuade others, and keep their passions and purpose clear and alive.



ADHD Coaching for Executives & Entrepreneurs

Are you are hard-charging entrepreneur or executive with ADHD trying to conquer the challenges associated with your unique neurology?

High Performance Executive Coaching for ADHD

This coaching program is designed specifically for executives like you who have ADHD. The fast-paced world of modern business can be especially demanding for individuals with ADHD.

But proper coaching can make your ADHD a secret weapon for success. You can conquer the challenges associated with ADHD, unlock your potential, and transform your personal and professional life.

I have particular expertise and understanding of ADHD to guide you towards harnessing your true potential.


What is ADHD?

ADHD is a grossly misunderstood disorder. Parents are constantly at their wit’s end because no punishment really seems to work on their child. Guess what? Punishments, consequences, call it what you will, rarely work on children with ADHD.

Think about it. ADHD is a neurological condition. Why would you punish a neurological condition? That’s like punishing a child with cerebral palsy for flapping his arm. He can’t help that his arm flaps. It wouldn’t make sense to punish him.

Learn strategies for giving your child the best possible chance of becoming a successful adult.

Making the World Safe for ADHD 

Life is tough for ADHD kids. The world is not designed for them. School is definitely not designed for them. And…most parents don’t know how to parent them. It seems like everybody in their lives wants to criticize them and tell them what they should do. Sometimes, the parents even get criticized for being bad parents and not being able to control their children. 

That’s why Dr.Gingras—after having made most of the mistakes you can with his own child—wants to make the world safer for ADHD, by training groups of parents to parent more effectively with less criticism and punishment.

ADHD Relationships

Most ADHDers don’t outgrow  their ADHD. This means that there are adults with ADHD who are in relationships. Being married to an ADHDer is not easy, especially considering that ADHDers tend to marry nice, slightly compulsive, organized people, who they then drive crazy with their inconsistency, disorganization and poor time sense.

These marriages can be saved. Check with us.

ADHD at Work

Since ADHDers don’t outgrow ADHD, there are ADHDers in the workplace having the same problems they had in school. They are impulsive, they procrastinate, they have trouble starting projects and trouble getting them finished on time. They are disorganized. They are lousy time managers. They are always late. They also lose what they need to do the job—tools and equipment, data and reports.

Fortunately, they can learn the tools and procedures they need to compensate and become more efficient.

How Do I Make an Appointment?

Coaching for performance enhancement, as well as for ADHD, can be done over the telephone or an internet portal like Zoom. In addition to many years of experience as a licensed clinical psychologist, I am a Certified High Performance Coach. I have also has extensive training in executive coaching, ADHD coaching and high performance coaching. I have 30+ years of experience evaluating ADHD, LD, concussions, memory impairment and other neurologic conditions. I was trained by Dr. Ralph Reitan, one of the world's foremost neuropsychologists.


(Book) ADHD: Strategic Parenting

Dr. Gingras's book, ADHD:Strategic Parenting presents a new approach to raising an ADHD child, focusing on training your child to become the adult you would like them to become. Dr. Gingras has been working with ADHD families for more than 30 years, learning and developing the techniques and attitudes to improve family functioning, reduce stress and, most important of all, to help ADHD kids grow up  confident and resilient. Raising an ADHD child can be challenging, because the usual dynamics of reward and punishment don’t work well with ADHD kids. ADHDers also are prone to low self-esteem because of the constant criticism and punishment they receive growing up.


Dr. Gingras is an experienced public speaker with numerous presentations to groups as disparate as chambers  of conference, Parent-teacher Associations and the British Health Service. He is a recognized expert in ADHD, Performance Enhancement, Stress Management, Sports Psychology and Brain Fitness. He is also an expert in concussion, dementia and other neurologic conditions. He is the author of a  No.1 bestseller book —ADHD: Strategic Parenting 

To  schedule a speaking engagement contact  Dr. Gingras at  757-833-7107

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